The Burke Enigma (RTE)

The Burke Enigma - 50's TVThe sudden death of the matriarch of Dublin’s most ferocious crime family spurs two rebel police officers to coordinate an attempt to smash the family’s hold on the city. One of the officers, Hannan, is related by marriage to the family, though this hardly tempers his savagery in meeting force with force. The other, McGettigan, approaches the investigation and resolution with the fearless brilliance of a chess master.

Written by Michael Feeney Callan The Burke Enigma was Ireland’s first crime series and a major critical and ratings success, widely noted as a landmark Irish drama production which established the template for recent series like Love/Hate. The six-hour series starred Ray McAnally, Donal McCann, John Kavanagh, Kevin McHugh and Barbara Brennan and was directed and produced by Brian MacLochlainn. Cinematography by Jack Conroy and edited by Arthur McGuinness.