Capital City

capitalcityThe traders at Shane Longman Bank are a close-knit team – at work and at play they pull together. By day they are competitive and motivated, hunting the million-dollar deal; at night they drink champagne and drive fast cars – if they aren’t still working.

On the trading floor, Declan McConnochie nurses a secret passion for his close friend and workmate, the beautiful Michelle; Hudson Talbot has been left holding the baby – quite literally – when his wife walks out on him; and Director Leonard Ansen, accused of driving the bank to the wall, is fighting for its future and that of his team of maverick traders. Max Lubin, “The Alchemist”, can always pull a deal out of the bag, but now time is running out for Max, for Leonard, for them all…

When you can win or lose millions in a day, it’s hard to separate personal tragedies from professional life. In a world where everything is a risk and nothing is certain, there is no room for losers.

Based on the hit ITV series of the same name.