Target: The Bronze Heist

targetThere were not many villains around who had put Detective Superintendent Steve Hackett on the spot – and were still around to talk about it. But, five years ago, Frank Paluzzi had done just that.

Now Paluzzi was back in town – with the most vicious collection of big-time criminals to be seen together in years. Their task: the most ambitious heist since the Great Train Robbery.

For the men of the Regional Crime Squad, it is the beginning of a harrowing battle of nerves. For Hackett and his assistant, Bonney, it’s the grudge fight of the century. And for gangland girl, Dink – Steve Hackett’s one hope of breaking the Firm – it is a time for revenge, conflict and deadly danger.

An original novel by Michael Feeney Callan, based on the controversial BBC television series, Target, developed and produced by Philip Hinchcliffe.