Lovers and Dancers

loversanddancersCommencing in strife-torn Ireland in the early nineteenth century. Lovers and Dancers is a richly-woven saga of proud men and headstrong women caught up in the dramatic conflicts of the times.

At the heart of the story is the great house, Drumloch. Its master is Redmond Bouchard, handsome drinker and gambler, who sees his fortune crumble as he desperately strives to retain his heritage. His only children are twin daughters. Donna is passionate and caring; Letitia, beautiful but heartless. Rebelling against all the social conventions of the time they become involved with the sons of a tenant farmer. And thenceforward their only future lies far away from the rigid barriers of religion and class in famine-racked Ireland.

Moving first to pioneer America, and then on to the new colony of Australia, the interweaving strands of this powerful novel encompass a giant spread of turbulent events.


“A novel true to the realities of heart and fact … a book you give in to…” – Books Ireland

“Absorbing reading … Somewhat in the vein of Wuthering Heights … Rich and sparkling” – Liverpool Daily Post

“Callan is able to view both sides of the class struggle, which makes for powerful reading” – Sutherland Echo

“A joy … ” – Irish Independent