Best Irish Short Stories

bestirishshortstoriesIn Ireland, the short story continues to thrive as nowhere else in the English-speaking world. All over Ireland, change is taking place with effects seemingly as irreversible as those of the bomb and the bullet. A pitched battle between the old and the new, between temerity and timidity, has revitalised the Irish short story, and in a variety of ways reverberates through the pages of this collection.

What V.S. Pritchett has seen as the “traditional Irish taste for poetic, highly-imaged language” is still to be enjoyed in these pages…

Contains 14 stories by leading and emerging Irish writers, among them William Trevor (Christmas in London), Jennifer Johnston (Trio), John McGahern (All Sorts of Impossible Things) and Michael Feeney Callan (Chrysalis). Edited, and with an introduction by David Marcus.