The Beach Boys Today

Beach_Boys_Documentary-MFCThe 1990s proved a critical time in the history of the Beach Boys, America’s most successful rock band. After a long period of separation from their founder and legendary songwriter, Brian Wilson, the band was on the brink of reunion and in a focused mood of reevaluation. It was at this time Michael Feeney Callan met with the Beach Boys and proposed a film documentary to review their accomplishments and speculate on new horizons.  “Al Jardine emphasised the difficulty of communal agreement on such a project at such a sensitive time,” says Callan, “but he, Mike Love and Carl Wilson green-lit the project.” It was the unlikeliest of productions but, says Callan, “once the guys agreed it progressed seamlessly.” No one could have foreseen the significance of the film. Callan was joining The Beach Boys as they faced their last days as a integrated touring band. The highlight of the documentary, says Callan, was the candour of the interviews with the band members. Beach Boys archivist and co-producer Alan Boyd applauded Callan’s interview with the usually reclusive Carl Wilson – the voice of God Only Knows and Good Vibrations –  as “the best ever filmed.”