“Revealing . . . An unusually well-written movie-star biography . . . What emerges is a comprehensive portrait of a man beset by colliding tides of ambition and hesitation…” Scott Eyman, The Wall Street Journal

“Michael Feeney Callan is … a shining example [of good film biographers]. This is superior fare.” Bryan Forbes, The Daily Mail

“Callan’s book is one of the most thoroughly researched, analytic examinations ever conducted into the life of a popular entertainer.”Jeff Dawson, The Sunday Times

“There are already several biographies of Redford, but since his is far more comprehensive and rather better written, Michael Feeney Callan’s deserves its billing as The Biography.” Lewis Jones, The Daily Telegraph

“Copiously researched.” Film Comment, the Film Society of the Lincoln Film Center

“Callan’s well-informed theories about what makes Redford tick creatively – a love-hate relationship with money and fame, the loss of key loved ones in his formative years – are enough to make an interesting book, but “Robert Redford” also includes anecdotes from film sets and from a sometimes complicated family life. The movie star biography is not a distinguished genre. Such books usually fall into one of two categories: They’re slobberingly reverential or nastily muckraking. Most are clip jobs – that is, they are little more than slapped-together compilations of materials swiped from other sources. But Callan has done his homework. He interviewed Redford multiple times over a 14-year period, and also interviewed the actor’s children and colleagues.” Julia Keller, The Chicago Tribune

“Carefully crafted … Callan is clearly on his game when it comes to dissecting Redford’s film career.” Daniel Bubbeo, Newsday

“An elegant life of Robert Redford gets to the heart of an enigmatic, Gatsbyesque charmer who dreamed of freedom, honesty and social fulfillment. Feeney Callan has written an elegant, perceptive book, admiring, friendly…he gives us Redford warts and all.Philip French, The Observer

“Too seldom is the life of an actor of Robert Redford’s stature given such a finely detailed and well-written exploration.” Douglass K. Daniel, Associated Press

“Meticulous … Callan’s all-access pass results in a deft narrative about the business of making mainstream movies from the 1960s to the present, loaded with insider interviews and compelling mini-histories of how Redford movies like The Candidate, Out of Africa and A River Runs Through It came to be made.” J.M. Tyree, San Francisco Chronicle

“As incisive a biography of Redford as there is ever likely to be.” The New York Times

“Bracing . . . A fascinating study . . . of fame and our uneasy relationship with it.” Maureen Calahan, The New York Post

“Intriguing . . . An all-American beautiful jock with a brutal iron will and the soul of a visionary tyrant, Redford, under Callan’s gaze, emerges as a sui generis American figure. Gripping and intimate …” Gerard Bartell, Kirkus

“This book is for film students who may be familiar with the business of Sundance, but not its origins or aims. It’s for film historians who have seen, in the past decade, the loss of such cinematic giants as Paul Newman, Sydney Pollack, and George Roy Hill and want their (as well as Redford’s) contributions and personalities documented for posterity. It’s for scholars who will value the chapter notes, filmography, and comprehensive index. It’s for fans like me, who have watched Redford’s films since the ‘60s and admire the man’s politics as well as his artistry. If you fall into one of these latter categories, you should treasure this book.” Lynnette Porter, Contributing Editor, PopMatters (the international magazine of cultural criticism)

“Relentless and first-rate … Powered by lengthy, detailed interviews with Redford and access to the actor-director-activist’s decades of journals and notebooks, Callan’s book paints a picture of a restless guy, genuinely torn between impulses of activity and stillness, art and commercial success, hard work and hard play.” 
Chris Foran, Milwaukee Journal Sentinel

“Deeply researched … Give Callan credit for letting in dissenting voices and for allowing Redford’s less Galahadian qualities to shine forth: the opportunism and narcissism, the scattershot management style, the absentee fathering. Best of all, Callan’s book begins and ends exactly where it should: with that quadrant of Utah soil christened by its owner: Sundance.” Louis Bayard, Washington Post

“Reads like a novel with a heavy focus on one character … [It] will show you that a well-written biography can be as compelling as any fiction.” Tony Buchsbaum, January Magazine

“A precise, weighty analysis of Redford’s life and impact, meticulously constructed and delivered with pace and style. Already extracted by Vanity Fair, it is set to become the definitive account, not only of Redford, but also of that era of movie-making that was his hey-day, the era of All The President’s Men and The Candidate.” Emily Hourican, Irish Independent