MOVING OVER: Mike has released on eBook a sampler short story, called Moving Over, from his upcoming first collection of short stories, THE BEAUTIFUL CORNER. Details of book release here shortly. Available at Amazon Kindle.

THE WOMAN & THE RABBIT: Reviewer Ben Quinn’s verdict on Mike’s new novel in the Irish Independent: “Will Self on speed.” Irish Examiner reviewer Val Nolan praised the complexity of “a novel all about balance and the concessions we make to maintain it.” Book available in paperback and eBook formats. Available at Amazon.

HARRIS REVISED: Pentheum Press has issued a new, revised version of Mike’s acclaimed biography of actor Richard Harris, reviewed by Kirkus as “meticulous.” In large format paperback and eBooks. Available at Amazon.

HOPKINS IN RUSSIAN:  A Russian language translation of Mike’s biography of Sir Anthony Hopkins was issued by Ripol Classics in Moscow in April, 2015.

HOPKINS IN LARGE PRINT:  A large print version of Mike’s Antony Hopkins biography, published by ReadHowYouWant Books, is now available online and via Amazon.

ACCLAIM FOR REDFORD BIOGRAPHY: Mike’s bestselling biography, Robert Redford: the Biography, chosen by the Sunday Times and Entertainment Weekly as a Best Books of the Year selection, continues its many translations. The book has been issued in German, Hungarian, Portuguese, Spanish, Polish and Czech. Available at and

REDFORD AUDIO BOOK: The 14-disc Random House audio version of the unabridged Robert Redford: The Biography read by Mark Deakins (Star Trek: VoyagerBuffy the Vampire Slayer) is available in stores and via Amazon.